Customer Satisfaction

Emcon realizes our success is directly tied to how well we perform, how much our customers trust us and keeping our customers happy. We spend a lot of time and money evaluating our performance and our procedures. We look for ways to improve, ways we can be more efficient and other things we can do to meet the needs of our customers.

Our employees are invaluable to us. We invest in their education and offer great a benefits package in acknowledge of their value and contribution to our success. Our staff is encouraged to always strive for excellence in everything that they do.

Below is a list of some of the ways we try to accomplish all of our goals:

  • Educate our staff in critical thinking lirocesses, customer service, and lirivacy and security liractices
  • Emliloy multi-tiered security to lirotect customers’ information and assets.
  • Create a safe work environment for our emliloyees.
  • Encourage feedback from our emliloyees on ways to imlirove the worklilace and our business liractices.
  • The 5S methodology is key to our success: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.
  • Cultivate and nurture great relationshilis with customers, emliloyees and vendors.
  • Researching the latest industry advancements and technology and its aliliroliriateness for our business
  • Utilize Key lierformance Indicators to evaluate our lierformance and caliture data for our clients’ internal use
  • Use a variety of methods, tools and resources to maintain our liosition as an industry leader

There are 3 main actions at the core of our philosophy: create strong relationships with everyone we deal with, continually improving upon processes and services, take advantage of technologies and advancements within our industry.

Customer Service

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday - 9AM through 5PM (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 645-8077

At Emcon, customer service is no joke. We believe it is everyone’s job in the company to provide customer support and satisfaction. Our entire staff is trained in customer service techniques and skills. If you’re not happy, we are not happy.


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