Does Emcon provide registered mail agent services?
Yes, absolutely! That is one of the main functions of our business.
Are there forms I need to complete to use your mail services?
Any customers using our mail services are required to complete a USPS 15863 form. This is a federal requirement that gives us authorization to process and handle mail on your behalf. Here is a link to the form: https://about.usps.com/forms/ps1583.pdf. Your local post office branch also should have copies.
How am I to complete the 1583 form?
Our website provides you with detailed instructions on how to complete the form and what supporting documentation is required.
Can mail be automatically forwarded?
We can forward mail to you on a weekly or monthly cycle at your choosing. Customers also have the option to specify instructions for each piece of mail received. You choose the method that works best for your circumstances. Customers can change their preferences at any time via their online account.
Is there any type of mail that you cannot handle?
There are no restrictions on what we can handle for you other than those prohibited by the carriers themselves. We accept deliveries from all carriers including UPS, FedEx and USPS among others.
How do I use my assigned address?
Use the address we provide to you just as you would any other address. You can distribute this address to all of your contacts or a select few of your choosing. You can also have this address made your legal address.
What do you do when names are misspelled on packages/mail?
Misspellings usually do not present a problem. The most important thing is to make certain the mailing address is correct.
Do you have “live” people I can speak with if need be?
Yes, our customer service staff is available by phone, e-mail or online chat.
How do I access old invoices on my account?
Log in to your account and choose the “Billing” option and select the invoices you would like to view.
Can my account be cancelled?
Yes, your account can be closed at any time. Simply log in and choose the “Cancel” option under your selections. If you are cancelling due to an issue you are having with any of the services we provide, we encourage you to reach out to discuss the matter with us before simply cancelling.
How should mail be addressed?
Mail should include your full name and your complete address. Please note, you can always change the assigned address by logging into your account and selecting one of the other addresses that are available for use.
Can my address be used by other people?
We place no limits on the number of people that use your address. As long as they have your permission, it is acceptable. You will want to make sure that the additional users do not cause you to exceed your mail piece limit for your plan.
How do you process my mail?
When we receive mail at our facilities, we send you a notification. You will then select options on how you would like us to handle the delivery: forward, dispose of, or place on temporary hold.
Do you open my mail and packages?
No, our staff does not open any items received on your behalf. As part of your instructions for a particular item, you can choose to have them open it and confirm the contents before you decide what to do with it. All information contained in the contents is kept confidential and private.
How long will it take for me to get my mail?
Time frames will vary depending on what type of mail or package and what carrier and method are used. Additional time will be required if you have instructed us to open the item for inspection. Typically, this adds one processing day.
Are the scans of my mail high-quality?
We have high-resolution scanners for optimum readability and clarity.
Is junk mail counted toward my mail piece limit?
No, junk mail does not count toward your piece limits and it is immediately disposed of when received.
I live near your main office, can I pick up my mail?
No, we are not set up to deal with public visits at our headquarters. We have several low-cost options for you to choose from, however.

Customer Service

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday - 9AM through 5PM (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 645-8077

At Emcon, customer service is no joke. We believe it is everyone’s job in the company to provide customer support and satisfaction. Our entire staff is trained in customer service techniques and skills. If you’re not happy, we are not happy.


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