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Emcon invests a lot of time and resources into our customer service department. Our entire staff at Emcon is trained in the finer skills of customer service. We believe customer service is everyone’s job. Regardless of an employee’s position in our company, their primary goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ needs and to keep them happy.

It is our job to provide you with the answers and solutions that you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. We have spent years in the shipping industry so chances are, even if a problem is new to you, we have seen it before and have just the solution to resolve the issue at hand.

Our customer service reps are extensions of your business. Your needs are their primary concern and our customers know that they take their jobs seriously and truly care about our relationships with our clients.


Orders coming into our customer service department are handled on a first come, first served basis. As an order comes through, it is immediately picked up by one of the reps who begins to process it right away.

Each order is handled with the same degree of importance.

There are a number of ways to send orders over to us, but we highly recommend implementing and using the EDI interface that is available. It is the quickest and most reliable way to communicate with us.

However, you may also choose to send orders over via fax, e-mail or phone.


Your customer orders are fulfilled according to your instructions. You tell us how you would like the orders handled and our staff will do the rest. You can be certain that your instructions will be followed to the letter and your orders will go out based on your preferences.

Staff are constantly monitoring inventory levels and inspecting inventory for any potential issues. When an issue is identified, you will be notified immediately and can advise us how you would like to proceed.

Orders go out error-free and on time. You are happy, your customers are happy and that means we have done our job.


As you are aware, the number of packages you ship out directly affects your shipping costs. Whenever possible, our staff will identify opportunities to consolidate your packages and orders to save you even more money on shipping.

Our experienced and capable staff will repackage your product safely and securely and prepare them for shipping. The reduction in the number of packages reduces your shipping charges and since you are already saving tons of money by using our vast network of carriers, this is just icing on the cake. Who doesn’t want to save even more money?


Because we believe in a pro-active approach to business, we have created a program for our clients to establish protocols ahead of time to address certain situations.

Even though we plan and plan, other external factors can lay waste to the best of those plans. Inventory shortages, product spoilage and delayed shipments all play a part in the success and failure of our plans.

Even though we plan and plan, other external factors can lay waste to the best of those plans. Inventory shortages, product spoilage and delayed shipments all play a part in the success and failure of our plans.

By establishing protocols for various scenarios, you are enabling us to immediately implement steps to avoid losses and delays. If these protocols were not already in place, precious time would be lost because we would have to contact you and notify you of the issue and then wait for you to figure out how you want to resolve the issue. Then we have to regroup and reorganize to carry out your new instructions.

With the advance protocols, we already have the answer to the problem at hand and we can immediately act on the issue and begin to resolve it.


Transportation Management Systems, or TMS, allow us to communicate in real time with our carriers. These systems allow for a seamless flow of information and allow for changes to be made with minimal effort.

TMS allows for tracking of shipments and status updates so that everyone is on the same page and resources can be accurately scheduled and allocated based on the information provided.

This is an industry standard to use TMS for all shipments. There are no surprises. For instance, if a shipment happens to be running ahead of schedule, we can adjust our schedule to accommodate the early delivery. If a shipment is going to be delayed we can make adjustments to your outgoing orders to address the missing products.

It’s a great way to communicate with the carriers and create an action plan.

Customer Service

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday - 9AM through 5PM (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 645-8077

At Emcon, customer service is no joke. We believe it is everyone’s job in the company to provide customer support and satisfaction. Our entire staff is trained in customer service techniques and skills. If you’re not happy, we are not happy.


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