Emcon understands the importance of being able to get your orders out the door and on time. Your customers depend on your company to deliver on their promises. Late orders or incorrect orders affect your relationships with your customers and negatively impact your business.

Two of the biggest issues affecting order fulfillment are spoilage and out of stock events.

Emcon employs the latest software and procedures to ensure that losses due to breakage and spoilage are minimal and that we identify potential low stock/no stock issues before they become a problem.

Our systems also allow for immediate notifications to you, the customer, regarding these scenarios so that they can be addressed right away and interruptions in service are minimized.


Our inventory controls are multi-tiered. We use a combination of customized labels, RF scanners, and computer managed inventory systems to track and control stored inventory. Our staff complements these controls by visually inspected and identifying items of concern.

The key is to be pro-active as much as possible. We strongly encourage our customers to set up advance protocols to address certain issues immediately upon being identified. Having these protocols in place ahead of time allows us to save valuable time and optimize our resources. Often, by making an action plan ahead of time, you prevent the event from occurring in the first place.


Our customers have the option of choosing to pre-load orders. There are multiple benefits to using this method. In pre-loading orders, you have peace of mind knowing that everything is loaded up and ready to go at a moment’s notice. If a carrier arrives ahead of schedule, it’s no problem because everything is already prepared for shipping.

Pre-loading also allows us to maximize our resources and staff for optimum efficiency.


We use a system of bar codes and scanner to efficiently track incoming and outgoing shipments as well as inventory levels.

Our customers have the option to actually create customized labels for product is they choose to do so. The labels can be permanent changes or can be used for short-term events like sales and promotions to your customers.

The custom labeling option gives you the ability to create variety pallets to increase sales and for promotional items.


We have cultivated an extensive network of carriers over the years. These relationships allow us to offer our customers incredibly low rates for shipments that they will not find anywhere else.


EDI interface is the best and most efficient way for our customers to access their shipment and inventory information as well as make changes to shipments. It is the easiest way to communicate with our shipping staff to relay your needs.

The EDI also can accept the information contained in the custom labels discussed above.


We have standard KPI set up for our own reporting purposes and for use by our clients. If your business requires you to collect data on additional events, we can easily implement those into our current data gathering efforts for inclusion into our reports.

You can request the collected information and it will be made available to you for your own reporting purposes.

Customer Service

Business Hours:
Monday – Friday - 9AM through 5PM (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 645-8077

At Emcon, customer service is no joke. We believe it is everyone’s job in the company to provide customer support and satisfaction. Our entire staff is trained in customer service techniques and skills. If you’re not happy, we are not happy.


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